2012 SRX to get new 3.6l DI V-6

The good folks over at GMInsideNews.com have broken a story that makes the discontinuation of the 2.8l turbo SRX seem more logical.

SRX 16It appears that the 2012 model will drop the 3.0l V-6 which has been soundly panned by critics as not up to the task of moving the SRX with much authority. In its place with be the next version of the 3.6l Direct Injection V-6 that is expected to put out something in the area of 330hp.

This will become the SRX’s only powerplant at that time.

This is a very nice bump from the 3.0l’s 265hp and also simplifies the SRX offerings from the prior 2-engine lineup.

This also likely previews a bump in output to the other models currently offering the 3.6 (-cough- CTS -cough-).

Source: GMI

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