Cadillac Teases Upcoming Flagship Concept

Cadillac is working on a new concept car, penned under an informal slogan of “American Glamour Meets American Technology” – a riff on the Art & Science design concept that all Cadillac’s since the Evoq concept and original CTS have been designed under.

The concept was teased at a gathering in Monterey, CA on Aug 16th and will be shown at a ‘2013 autoshow’ – likely Detroit, though Geneva is also possible as this, and a pending Cadillac flagship sedan, are a part of Cadillac’s push to become a global luxury brand for General Motors.

It is hard to make out from these images, but we’d expect something that takes the lines of the Ciel concept convertible and puts a roof on it while further extending Cadillac’s recent move to honor cars from their glory days with a modern flair.


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