Cadillac to Debut 3 New Models in 2013

At this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Cadillac’s VP of Marketing, Don Butler informed attendees that Cadillac would show 3 new models next year.

Cadillac ELRAt next year’s Concours, Cadillac will show their production ELR electric based on the Chevy Volt technology. Also expected is the 3rd generation CTS, itself the first CTS to not be built on the Sigma chassis – built on a larger version of the ATS’ Alpha chassis. Finally, near the end of the year, Cadillac will show their latest Escalade.

All three products will likely not reach showrooms until early 2014 given latest reports.

Even so, 2013 will be a fascinating year for Cadillac’s lineup.


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