Cadillac “LTS” Spied


Chris Doane and Car and Driver have spied the new Cadilac large sedan undergoing testing.

This is not the new XTS (a car expected to see no second generation). Instead, Cadillac is building a new large rear-drive platform dubbed “Omega” and styled in some ways to resemble the recent Elmiraj concept. Cadillac trademarked the LTS name some time ago, so that may be how they will christen this new sedan, despite some desire among fans that they return to ‘real’ names. We won’t hold our breath for that sort of wholesale change.

Instead of a neo-DTS like the front-drive based XTS, the rear-drive, Omega sedan is aimed squarely at the Mercedes S-Class and in that way completes Cadillac’s sedan lineup (at least until Cadillac reverses their recently mentioned decision to not go after the Mercedes/BMW/Audi race to the bottom with cars like the CLA/2-series/A3 models. It will finally have Cadillac offering the traditional small/medium/large sedan model used by the German competition for decades.

Don’t expect the Omega-sedan to be on-sale until late 2015, at the earliest. Curb weights should undercut the competition by hundreds of pounds if the recent ATS and me CTS are any indication. Power trains should mirror the competition with turbo-4 power (at least in some markets) with the V-6/turbo-6 in the middle and the rumored 4.5-ish liter V-8 at the top of the range. Expect a diesel at some point as well (especially as Cadillac execs have voiced a desire to offer oil-burner power train options across the line in the coming years).

What isn’t know is if Cadillac will offer a large coupe based on this platform, at least initially.

Source: C and D

  • Jim Driscoll

    Is the LTS a Sedan to compared to the DTS or the DHS Sedan on the old Fleetwood Cadillac?

  • DTS is a large, front-drive sedan and is best compared to the current XTS.

    ‘LTS” or whatever it is called, is based on a brand-new rear-drive platform that is meant to go head-to-head to against cars like the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, and Audi A8. So, in some ways it is closer to the Fleetwood – but don’t expect that level of cushy ride and handling. It will be more a firm riding, autobahn tuned type of car.