CT6 Priced and is Relative Bargain

IMG_1353After seeing recent sedans priced right on top of the competition and not getting traction in the marketplace, Cadillac has decided to be more aggressive with the new CT6 flagship. 

When the new Uber-Caddy goes on sale in March 2016, it will carry the following starting prices:

  • CT6 2.0L Turbo – Starting at $53,495
  • CT6 3.6L V6 with AWD – Starting at $55,495
  • CT6 3.0L Twin Turbo V6 with AWD – Starting at $64,395

Note: each price does not include the $995 destination charge. 

This could cause a bit of a problem for the CTS which exceeds the base CT6 starting price as soon as you opt for the 3.6 V6 and quickly exceeds the twin turbo big Cadillac’s price if you choose premium paint, interior trim, and upgraded wheels. 

Our guess is a price cut on CTS is in the wings to rationalize the price points. 

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