Cadillac Names Deborah Wahl as New Global Chief Marketing Officer

Deborah Wahl, Cadillac Global Chief Marketing OfficerCadillac has named Deborah Wahl as their new Chief Marketing Officer, replacing former CMO Uwe Ellinghaus.  She will be based in Cadillac’s offices in New York City, NY and will report directly to Cadillac chief Johan de Nysschen.

Ms. Wahl comes to Cadillac after her most recent stint as CMO of McDonalds, and before that at Pulte Group.  Though, before you jump to the conclusion that she doesn’t know how to sell anything but happy meals and houses, she has over a decade of experience in automotive marketing with a history as CMO of Chrysler and marketing roles at Toyota, Mazda, and Ford.

She officially takes the reins of Cadillac marketing on March 26th.

We wish her luck.

Source: Cadillac and AdAge

Read on for the press release from Cadillac:


The Tease Continues – Cadillac XT4 and the Oscars

Cadillac has released their 2018 Oscar ad lineup.  The 3 commercials culminate with the XT4 from many different angles than what we saw Friday morning in the grill teaser.  This 30 second spot will be Cadillac’s last to air during the 2018 Oscar broadcast.

The XT4 is slated to debut at the end of March at the 2018 New York Auto Show.  Expect plenty of coverage of the newest model here at the when it is available.

Cadillac will also be airing 2 other spots during the Oscars this year.  A 60 second spot titled “Future is Here” shows off the 200 mph CTS-V, the CT6 with Super Cruise, as well as providing a few teasing images of the XT4 (in advance of the XT4 spot that will air later in the evening.  For those that can’t wait, they posted the full commercial:

In their second spot of the night, we have “Future Cars” that opens with a selection of futuristic visions of cars over time leading up to a demonstration of the CT6 with Super Cruise.

Cadillac Teases New XT4 Crossover

Cadillac XT4Cadillac posted a teaser video early this morning showing the front of their upcoming XT4 crossover.

Included is the simple text overlay giving us an availability date of ‘Fall 2018’.

As we have said before, Cadillac can’t get this new model into production fast enough to satisfy crossover hungry buyers. 

We would expect to get a chance to see the new luxury utility vehicle at the New York Auto show at the end of the March.

Deep Dive – Chinese Cadillac Sales

January 2018 Chinese Cadillac Sales - DetailIn the last several months, we have been limited to sales detail only for the United States.  However, we have finally found details of the 4 models that Cadillac sells in China.  Yes, this means that China’s strength is due to sales of only 4 models – no Escalade, no Escalade ESV, no CTS.  China only offers 3 sedans (the CT6, XTS, and the long-wheelbase ATS-L) and the XT5 crossover.

Comparing these against the US sales (included below for the same month), we can see that China loves the XT5 crossover…but also enjoy the sedans (much more so than US consumers).  Where the US sales of the XT5 almost hit 4000 units, China devoured over 10000.  Chinese sales of the ATS exceeded US demand 5-to-1.

CT6 in China outsold 2-to-1 and the XTS outsold almost 4-to-1.

It is only strong sales of the Escalade and a few CTS sales that kept China from completely overwhelming the US market.

What I am seeing here is the new XT4 (soon to debut at the 2018 New York Auto Show) will likely keep the Chinese market strong…not allowing the US to catch back up – because the Chinese appear to love crossovers as much as the US customers while snapping up all the other Cadillacs far in excess of what we are seeing in the States.

We will continue to break down Chinese sales numbers in the coming months as it is certainly a significant and fascinating part of the modern Cadillac story.


January 2018 Cadillac Sales

Cadillac saw it’s sales increase, worldwide, for the 20th consecutive month in January.  As we have come to expect, this was despite a drop in US sales (by 3.9% or 403 units this month).  China more than made up for this drop with a sales gain of 2211 units (12.3%)…continuing its streak of being Cadillac’s #1 market.  The rest of the Cadillac’s worldwide sales were down by 17.3% (but due to the low number of units sold in all other countries – that is merely 254 units lost).

For reference, China is making up 64.5% of Cadillac’s global sales.  US makes up 31.5% in the latest month.

But, let’s dive a bit into the sales numbers for the US market…there are a few surprises this month vs in the last several months…such as some actual sales gains we didn’t expect.

While we see drops in sales of the CTS, CT6, and XTS sedans…drops for the CTS and CT6 are both lower than we have seen lately.  CT6 was down 6 units (yes, 6) or just 0.9% from January 2017.  CTS was down 4.2% (29 units).  More in keeping with past performance, the XTS was down 629 units (34%).

The surprise move in the sedan front is a sales increase of the ATS.  The sportiest of the current Cadillacs saw a sales jump of 18.6% year over year (181 units).

Other sales wins include the Escalade family (up 44 units in January), XT5 (up 106 units, or 2.7%).

Fortunately, we are very close to an unveiling of the new XT4 at the New York Auto Show in late March.  XT4 should boost US Cadillac sales as soon as it can hit dealer lots.  Production of the XT4 is expected at GM’s Fairfax Assembly plant in Kansas City, Kansas and has already begun prototype builds.  We should know more about when it will go into production soon after the unveiling.

I’m sure Cadillac dealers are eager to get the new product on their lots.