Cadillac Starts Sales of Hybrid CT6 in US Market

Cadillac has shipped the first batch of CT6 Plug-In Hybrids to the US and sales start this month.

The CT6 uses a lithium-ion battery pack that shares technology with the packs used for years in the Chevrolet Volt and the discontinued Cadillac ELR.  It provides 31 miles of full-electric range before the gas engine kicks in.

The CT6 Plug-In starts at $75,095 plus $995 destination (similar to the ELR) though in the much larger package of the big sedan.  This places this version of the CT6 at $15000 over the gas-only version.  This seems somewhat reasonable when you account for unique instrument cluster, inclusion of of a unique transmission that integrates dual electric motors, in addition to the 18.4kWh battery pack.

For most owners, this means a CT6 with the power of the 3.6l V6 but that won’t burn a drop of gas in most day-to-day driving.  It also provides the benefits of a gasoline powered (virtually unlimited range) for the few times when a long drive is desired.


For a reminder of the technology in the CT6 Plug-In- We’ve included Cadillac’s informative press release from late 2016 below: (more…)

2018 Cadillac XTS Spied – Brings Escala Styling

GMInsideNews has posted spy shots of a refreshed XTS undergoing testing.

2018 XTS Spy Shot - GMInsideNewsFrom their photos, we can see that significant changes to the front and rear ends are coming.  GMI points out the trunk lid seems extend further aft and the grill appears to adopt a look like the recent XT5 crossover.

However, they seem to have missed a key change present in the, albeit blurry, front quarter view.

This appears to be the first Cadillac that will take inspiration from the Escala Concept.  As you can see here, the vertical headlight arrangement is replaced with a thin, horizontal headlight very similar to the Escala.  It remains to be seen if this new front end will work well with the existing XTS sheet metal.  We are a bit nervous how the two themes will work together.

Certainly, the XTS won’t be the only Escala-esque Cadillac for long.  ATS and CTS are both getting close to their own mid-cycle refreshes.  The new crossovers from Cadillac should bow in the next year or two.  Even the Escalade might see a refresh in 2018 or 2019 – and bring some of the Escala design theme.

So, let the Escala-ification of Cadillac styling begin.  

The new XTS should debut by early 2018.

Source: GMInsideNews – Updated Cadillac XTS Points and Laughs at the Haters

March 2017 Cadillac Sales

Cadillac has released their March 2017 sales results.  US sales are slightly better that what we saw in February (only down 1.5% vs that month’s 8.6% drop).

Again, China and the rest of the world have more than compensated for the US drop.  China alone was up 63% and was only 492 units behind the US market.  Again we are seeing that China is nipping at the heels of the US…though we haven’t seen China as the #1 market for Cadillac since the January results (which was the first time that had happened).  It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the two biggest markets to trade the #1 spot again and again in the future.

All other markets are also up, but are quite a bit smaller volume than the big two.  Canada is up 28% (265 units), Middle East is up 5.2% (only 16 units), and the rest of the world (ROW) is up 16.8% (92 units).

These changes represent a global increase in sales of 21.1% (almost 5000 units) vs March of last year.  Year-to-date is also up a strong 28.6%.

So, despite other reports you might see that suggest Cadillac is hurting – realize that it is a US only phenomenon that will certainly reverse once they finish development of their line of crossovers to slot above and below the XT5 (currently Cadillac’s best seller in the US market that represents over 40% of their US sales).  Imagine what sales will look like once the US market has the models from Cadillac it is craving.  The strong world sales (led by China) will help fund Cadillac’s development efforts and get us all even better models in the coming years.


February 2017 Cadillac Sales

Cadillac worldwide sales are up yet again in February.  Sales grew 18.6 percent year-over-year.  This represents the 9th consecutive double-digit sales growth for the brand.

Unlike January, China was not Cadillac’s largest market, but was still up 89.6% over 2016.  This growth (4268 additional sales) along with a 10.1% increase in Canada (just 69 units, truth be told), 3% in the Middle East (10 units), and 6.9% in the rest of the world (33 units) compensated for a 8.6% drop in US sales (a 1017 unit drop).

Though China was not the largest market in February, strong results in January leave China as Cadillac’s biggest market so far this year (up 106.4% vs the US drop of 6.5%).  This growth has led to a yearly sales increase of 32.3% (12,501).

It is likely that the two largest markets will trade the top spot month to month for a while to come.


Cadillac CT6 Changes for 2018

Cadillac has published changes coming to the 2018 CT6 to their dealers.

As is typical of these sort of changes, we have colors being retired:

Red Passion Tintcoat
Phantom Gray Metallic
Moonstone Metallic
Dark Emerald Metallic

…as well as new colors to take their place:

Satin Steel Metallic
Stone Gray Metallic
Red Horizon Tintcoat

The 2018 model also brings the latest version of the Cadillac user experience (2.6) but also includes the ability to be updated over-the air (OTA) which does not yet appear to be coming to other models in the line.  Another new feature is a power washer nozzle for the rear camera (which should make the view out the Rear Camera Mirror clearer in inclement weather.  Other changes are relatively minor and are listed below: (more…)

We’re Back!

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but the Caddy Edge has been effectively down for several weeks…and it went unnoticed by your friendly neighborhood editor. 

How on earth could you not know?! I can hear you asking. 

Well, the specific problem left the site unavailable only to someone who isn’t logged into the software that drives the site. 

So, for the last few weeks, changes were made, posts published, and heads scratched at the lack of response. 

Only today did it become clear that the site was broken to pretty much everyone but me. 

That is fixed as of today and I welcome you all to come and read the last several posts and to enjoy. 

Many apologies for the error. 

Cadillac Runs Ad Blitz During Oscars

Cadillac has decided to take advantage of the Oscar viewing audience again this year.

First off, we have their ad ‘Pedestal’ which introduces the Escala concept to people who may not follow the auto show season.  Given this previews the new face of Cadillac, getting it in front of more people now is a smart move:

A second spot highlights that Cadillac has a rich history, but that they view themselves as a company with a future:

Last, and most certainly not least, Cadillac takes an opportunity to pointedly take on the decisive atmosphere that has surrounded us in the US for the last many months.  In the ‘Carry’ spot, they remind everyone again that the company and it’s cars have history, but also that the US is an idea of one nation, indivisible: