Car and Driver Video Review of the new ATS

Car and Driver assigned the task of reviewing the new ATS to one of the top guys in the car review biz, their former editor-in-chief Csaba Csere. An engineer by education and car reviewer for most of the last 30 years – he really knows his stuff and oversaw C&D during its time as the most driver-centric of the buff books.

He is impressed by the new ATS – and that’s about all I need to know to say that Cadillac has a winner on its hands.


  • AMcA

    Look at about the 50 second mark. There’s a silver model of a two door, I think! Very fastback. Faceted rear deck. Much bigger taillamps. COOL.

  • AMcA

    Are they letting us see this for a reason?

  • I recall seeing this a while back. The fact that Cadillac is still showing it to us might suggest this is the direction they are planning- or could be a stylized version of what an ATS Wagon (rumored on hold) might look like).