Cadillac ATS in the Caddy Edge Garage

20130125-124854.jpgCadillac has dropped of an ATS with V-6 and automatic for our review.

Let us know in the comments anything about the car you are interested in knowing and we’ll make sure to include it in the review.

  • John

    How does the seat comfort compare to the CTS. Are they cushy and comfortable on long trips or still too hard?

    How’s the leather quality (thickness) and does it seem like it will wrinkle like the second-generation CTS?

    How does CUE compare to what’s in the XTS? How well does it work with iPhones?

    What’s the fit and finish like? (Does the dash line up with the door panels? Are there any paint blemishes? Any rattles in the parcel shelf or moonroof?)

    How’s the ground clearance when approaching parking bumpers or driving through the gutter into a driveway?

    Is the engine as “clattery” as the 3.6DI in the CTS?

    How’s the rear visibility?

    What gets lit up by ambient lighting at night? Are the footwells lit (front and back)?

    Have fun testing! Looks like a pretty color if that’s the actual demo car you received.

  • Jim H

    Looked at the ATS at my local dealer while my 2nd gen CTS was in for regular maintenance.

    My impression is that it is a really nice car. None of the cars they had on the lot had the adaptive cruise control and when I asked a salesman told me it was not yet available. It is one of the options I would like to have on my next car.

    So my question is are they building cars with that option and if your test car has it I would like you to describe how well it works.

    Thanks in advance.