Another rendering of the next CTS

GMS CTS RenderingThe GM has a nice rendering of the next CTS done by Chris Pauwels, who has had his work featured in Popular Hot Rodding.

This has much better perspective than the rendering we posted about a few days ago. Also, with the new Cadillac signature fender vents, this is likely even closer to the look the CTS will have when it bows in 2007 – likely as a 2008 model.

Expect a coupe to appear a year later with the fast rear window shown by Mr. Lutz to 60 Minutes and a V-Series that will take its power from either a supercharged Northstar or perhaps a variation on the small-block V-8 used in current Corvettes (6.0l w/ 400hp or 7.0l w/ 505hp). Given that the competition (Audi RS4, next BMW M3, etc) are all packing over 400hp, we’d bet on the supercharged Northstar route with the STS-V getting an even higher output version to maintain its place in the pecking order.

See the post over at The GM

The GM – GMS First Look: 2007 Cadillac CTS!

  • japx

    I hope this Audi looking ugly front facia doesn’t make it into the 08 CTS or CTS-V. Just because Audi’s have been beaten with the ugly stick doesn’t mean the Cadillac should follow. Also this new CTS doesn’t break any new ground like the current does and making it bigger(longer or wider) will keep me away from buying another……