Let’s Talk CT6

On March 31st, 2015, in the evening before the opening of the New York Auto Show press days, Cadillac unveiled its long awaited flagship. In many ways it turned out to be what we expected…in others, not as much. As expected, the new flagship is direct competition with the German big sedans.  However, that’s far […]

2015 Cadillac Escalade

2015 Cadillac Escalade Pricing Announced

Cadillac has announced pricing of the 2015 Escalade and it follows their recent trend toward pricing in line with competition rather than trying to compete on price. Starting price of the latest Escalade is $72,690 (including destination), an increase over the prior generation of $3725. This places the Escalade in the thick of the luxury […]

2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

Today, Cadillac debuted the coupe version of the ATS as well as their new ‘wreath-less’ logo. Featuring the same wheelbase as the sedan but a wider track, the coupe has unique stampings for roof, doors, rear fenders and trunk lid. 18″ wheels are standard as is the 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder (bye bye 2.5, at least […]

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Cadillac XT5 Spied

XT5Over at Jalopnik’s Oppo blog, user saw930 has posted pics of the SRX’s next generation (expected to be badged XT5) during a photo shoot in NYC’s Soho neighborhood. 

Showing an SUV take on Cadillac’s latest design language that we’ve seen on the new CTS and CT6.

This appears to be quite an improvement to one of Cadillac’s best sellers.


Cadillac CT6 Plug-in Hybrid Version Unveiled

IMG_3485-0.JPGAs expected, Cadillac is slowly releasing ever greater detail about their new flagship CT6 sedan.

This time, we have the long-rumored plug-in hybrid variant.  Combining the best of GM’s electric vehicle technology with a 18.4kWh lithium ion battery constructed of cells similar to those in the recently updated ELR and 2nd generation Chevrolet Volt, dual electric motors, and what Cadillac is calling an “Electric Variable Transmission”.  The electric powertrain combines with Cadillac’s 2.0l turbo 4-cylinder to deliver 335hp and 432 lb*ft of torque.

Cadillac is surprisingly calling this their ‘first plug-in electric hybrid’ – surprising until you realize that GM insists on referring to the Volt and ELR as ‘extended range electric vehicles’.  This is a distinction that may confuse the average consumer but center on how power makes it from the gas engine to the drive wheels.  CT6 will use the EVT transmission to blend power from the turbo engine along with electric propulsion from the twin electric motors.  In the ELR, the wheels are driven almost exclusively by the electric motors with the gas engine driving a generator to provide power when the battery runs flat.

Similar to the ELR, though is the CT6’s regeneration on demand system, where paddles behind the steering wheel allow the driver to increase how aggressively the vehicle’s control systems turn motion back into electricity (through running the electric motors as generators).  The CT6 also apes the ELR with normal, sport, and hold modes.  Hold allows the driver to reserve battery charge to use later in the drive – running exclusively on gas power until taken out of hold mode.  Normal and sport are the expected modes that control suspension and steering settings alone.

All of this technology is promised to bring with it some impressive numbers.  Cadillac is claiming that the MPGe (a number from the EPA that attempts to equate electric assisted vehicles with gas powered vehicle efficiency) of the CT6 will be over double the mileage numbers of any other powertrain offered, almost certainly the 2.0l turbo without the electric assist.

See the full press release below:

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CT6 Hybrid Slated for Shanghai Auto Show

Autoblog is reporting that the hybrid power train we mused about in yesterday’s CT6 post will bow sooner than we might have expected. 

Shanghai Auto Show will give Cadillac a stage to show off the electrified version of the car. Rumors swirl that this may include a plug-in in its feature list.

Shanghai is later in April. 

If Cadillac does not unveiled a diesel power plant at that time, we may have to wait for a European show in the fall. 

Source: Autoblog

Let’s Talk CT6

CT6On March 31st, 2015, in the evening before the opening of the New York Auto Show press days, Cadillac unveiled its long awaited flagship.

In many ways it turned out to be what we expected…in others, not as much.

As expected, the new flagship is direct competition with the German big sedans.  However, that’s far from the end of the story.

Based on GM’s new Omega rear-drive platform, the CT6 is significantly larger than its smaller siblings.  It is within fractions of the size of the short wheelbase Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series.  However, in keeping with Cadillac’s recent track record of being more dynamically focused than the competition, the CT6 ends up lighter than the mid-sized competitors (yes, that means the big Caddy is lighter than an E-Class or 5-Series).

CT6 InteriorWe knew Cadillac was going to build a technology demonstrator in the CT6 – but surprises came in the form of standard AWD (with the 6-cylinder powertrains), a touch-pad enhancement to CUE to allow handwriting recognition input, all-wheel steering that gives the big car a turning radius that beats the new CTS, and the powertrain surprise wasn’t the expected plug-in hybrid but a base engine in the form of a turbo 4.  Yes, the Cadillac flagship has nary a V-8 to be found with the top engine (for now) being a 3.0l turbo V-6 with 400hp.

Staking a unique position (geez, what’s happened to you BMW?) the CT6 is a driver’s car with its emphasis being squarely on driving dynamics. Continue Reading →

CT6 Revealed

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Cadillac CT6 Unveiled

Cadillac CT6

Cadillac has launched a new website in conjunction with their new Dare Greatly campaign. One of the videos ends with […]

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