Cadillac CT6

Cadillac CT6 Unveiled

Cadillac has launched a new website in conjunction with their new Dare Greatly campaign. One of the videos ends with a slow-motion drive-through of a Cadillac sedan we’ve never seen before. Behold the new Cadillac flagship, the CT6.   Like this:Like Loading…

Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Cadillac ‘LTS’ to be Built in Detroit Starting 4Q2015

m4s0n501 Recently, we found out that Cadillac would be showing off their new flagship car at the New York Auto Show in April.  Now, Cadillac has announced not only the production timeframe but also the factory that will be tasked with building the new car. GM’s recent $384 Million investment in their Detroit-Hamtramck plant, that also […]

2016 Cadillac LTS

Cadillac “LTS” Spied

Chris Doane and Car and Driver have spied the new Cadilac large sedan undergoing testing. This is not the new XTS (a car expected to see no second generation). Instead, Cadillac is building a new large rear-drive platform dubbed “Omega” and styled in some ways to resemble the recent Elmiraj concept. Cadillac trademarked the LTS […]

Recent News

Cadillac CT6 to Debut 34-Speaker Bose Panaray Audio as Top Option

In order to compete with big boys at the top of the luxury sedan market, Cadillac needs to recognize that luxury also includes high-end audio.

Today, Bose announced the CT6 would feature the first automotive application of their Panaray audio line.

Base CT6 models will have an 8 speaker Bose system, mid range stereos will come with 10.

The full-boat Panaray will come with no fewer than 34 speakers.

Panaray uses this large speaker count to direct exactly the sound needed in exactly the direction desired. A motorized bank of 3 2″ speakers rise from the center dash, a pair of 1″ speakers reside in each rear door. As shown in the picture above, you can see speakers in headrests, and scattered all over the flagship’s cabin.

It promises to be both an expensive and impressive audio experience.

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Cadillac Announces New V-6s for the CT6

As we get closer to the official unveiling of the flagship CT6 sedan, Cadillac keeps releasing technical details about what will make the car worthy of its status as a S-Class/7-Series/A8 competitor.

Now we know that the V-6 models of the CT6 will now simply bring to bear the existing 3.6l V-6 or twin-turbo engine found in the ATS-V and CTS vSport.  It will bring a brand new 3.0 twin-turbo and normal aspirated 3.6.

Cadillac is pitching these as part of a brand new V-6 architecture that bring the level of sophistication not only unseen in modern Cadillacs but also superior to the competition’s V-6 power trains.

Specifically these engines are significantly quieter than Audi’s 3.0 turbo and Infiniti’s VQ-series V-6 engines.

The 3.0 TT will pack 400hp and 400 lb*ft of torque – out powering similar engines from BMW and Audi.  The 3.6 will replace the similar sized engine Cadillac has been using in many of their sedans and coupes and will supply 335hp and 284 lb*ft of torque.  Both engines bring cylinder deactivation in order to maximize fuel economy (the 3.0 being the first combination of the technology with turbocharging).

Expect these engines to debut in the CT6 but to find homes in other Cadillac models in the coming months.

The CT6 will debut at the New York Auto Show in a little over a week.

Read the extensive press release from Cadillac below:

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Cadillac CT6 Structural Innovations

Cadillac will unveil the new CT6 at the New York Auto Show on March 31. 

Until then, Cadillac is giving out details about the technology being brought to bear to make the new flagship. 

Today we have some details about the mixed material construction that has Cadillac extending the techniques that made the ATS and new CTS some of the lightest sedans in their respective classes. 

Specifically the CT6 is made up of a large percentage of aluminum and high-strength steel that saved 198 lbs in the body alone. 

Expect more details soon. 

Press release below. 

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UPDATE: Johan de Nysschen Answers Questions at Jalopnik

Cadillac head, Johan de Nysschen accepted an invitation to answer questions posed by the readers of after last night’s debut of the CT6 during a commercial aired during the Oscars. 

Interesting insights are confirmation that a sub-ATS car is on the way that will also be based on the Alpha platform and be rear and all-wheel drive.  Also revealed is that Cadillac is indeed working on a turbo V-8 that will see duty under the CT6 hood and will top a range of engines that will range from 4-cylinder turbo up to the fire-breathing V-8.  In the power train revelations were that all 4-cylinder options will soon be turbos, marking the end of the 2.5l 4 in the ATS. 

For the whole list of questions and answers, check out the entire session at:


Update: more questions and answers here, including the bombshell that a new V-6 family will be unveiled with the new CT6.  

Cadillac CT6 Unveiled

Cadillac has launched a new website in conjunction with their new Dare Greatly campaign. One of the videos ends with a slow-motion drive-through of a Cadillac sedan we’ve never seen before.

Behold the new Cadillac flagship, the CT6.

Cadillac CT6


Cadillac Dares Greatly

Launching the new ad campaign for Cadillac.

Cadillac Dealers Now Accepting ATS-V Orders

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Cadillac Wants a CLA-Fighter

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Let’s Listen to the New CTS-V Start-Up

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2016 CTS-V

640 hp supercharged V-8 3.7 second 0-60 200 mph Damn. Like this:Like Loading…

ATS-V Starting Price Announced

In an interview with USA Today, Cadillac chief Johan de Nysschen let slip that the newly unveiled ATS-V would start […]

ATS-V Reveal

0-60 in under 4 seconds. 6-piston Brembos. Yummy. Like this:Like Loading…

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