November 2017 Cadillac Sales

Cadillac continues to drive sales growth outside of the US market in November. 

Worldwide, Cadillac sales were up 3.7% (1128 units).  They certainly enjoy their year-to-date increase of 18.5% over 2016’s sales (a 50,000 unit sales increase).

As we have come to expect this year, this was in spite of a sales drop in the US market (down almost 2000 units and 12.8% in the home market).  Offsetting this is a massive increase of 23.4% in China (over 3100 units).  The rest of the countries Cadillac sells vehicles in were up 2.8%…but with sales of just over 2000 units for the month, they pale in comparison to the big-two markets in which Cadillac competes.

Because we and Cadillac reside in the USA – let’s go a bit deeper into the November results in the home market.

This month, continuing the same tune from earlier this year, sedan sales are down massively.  In order of least awful to worst…XTS sales were down 715 units (27%), CT6 is down 392 units (a 33.5% drop), CTS was down 386 (37%), and the ATS – our personal favorite Cadillac – dropped 659 sales or 44.2%.

Unlike in months past, the XT5 didn’t show a large gain to offset the sedan drops.  However, it does continue to be Cadillac’s best US-market seller.  Sales of the mid-sized crossover were up 259 units or 4.8%.  These 5623 sales outnumbered sales of all 4 sedan models…combined.  It also outsold the combined sales of Escalade by over 2000 units.

For those lamenting the low sales numbers in the US, just keep telling yourself that the XT4 will be on sale soon…and this story will turn around (unless you happen to be a sedan fan).

Cadillac Expanding BOOK Vehicle Subscription Service to Dallas and Los Angeles

BOOK by Cadillac Logo

Cadillac announced today the expansion of their BOOK by Cadillac subscription service to additional markets.  Originally rolled-out in New York, BOOK is a service that allows customers to pay a fixed fee every month for access to a fleet of Cadillac vehicles.  After that successful pilot, BOOK is coming to Los Angeles and Dallas.

The service works like this: sign-up with a $500 initiation fee and then pay $1800 a month.  You are entitled to exchange vehicles up to 18 times per year and only limited to 2000 miles per month.  In addition to the vehicles included in the program during the initial New York roll-out (Escalade, XT5, CT6, CTS-V, and ATS-V), BOOK now includes access to the CT6 Plug-In.  This includes CT6 models equipped with Super Cruise autonomous driving.

Read all about the service expansion in the press release below:


October 2017 Cadillac Sales

October 2017 Worldwide Cadillac Sales

17 Months.

That is how long Cadillac has sold more cars and SUVs worldwide than the month before.

The dance between Cadillac’s two largest markets continues with double-digit growth in the Chinese market putting the US in second place by over 3000 units for the month(17018 vs 13931).

Chinese sales were up year-over-year by 36.1% (4516 units).  The amusingly titled ‘Rest of World’ was also up by double-digits (19.9% or 357 units).  In contrast, the US was largely flat (down 17 units or 0.1%).  

October 2017 US Cadillac SalesUS sales of the XTS sedan (up 726 units or 49.6%) along with strong sales of the XT5 crossover (942 units or 19.5%) almost offset drops in other sedans.

This month saw double-digit drops in the ATS (664 units or 41.7%), CTS (245 units or 23.9%), as well as the flagship CT6 (520 units or 39.5%).  Even the mighty Escalade saw a joint drop of 166 units year-over-year.

As we have said before, the luxury market has turned quickly toward crossovers in a way that Cadillac was not prepared.  The XT5 has been the sole offering and is single-handedly been responsible for keeping the sales story in the US from being much worse.  Though, it appears that things are getting ready to change – the sales press release this month contained a reference to the new XT4 that will hit the market in 2018.  Sales of even a single new crossover model will flip the recurring sales story in the US and likely push the Chinese market back into second place for a time.

Cadillac XT4 to Debut in 2018

2018 Cadillac XT4In reviewing Cadillac’s latest sales numbers, the press release contained some information that almost slipped notice.

In a quote from Cadillac chief Johan de Nysschen, he said that Cadillac:

…will continue to increase our momentum with the introduction of the XT4 crossover in 2018.

This appears to be the most concrete information, to date, of what crossover will be next to market for the brand.  Given it’s name, we will assume that it will slot in just below the current XT5 and will likely be positioned to go up against the BMW X3/Mercedes GLC/Audi Q3.  However, it could turn be a sportier version of the XT5 platform.  Such a segment would complete more closely with the BMW X4 or Mercedes GLC Coupe.

The XT4 is expected to share a platform with the recently refreshed GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox.  Power should come from a similar 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder that sees duty in the base ATS sedan and coupe.

It is difficult to predict exactly how Cadillac’s naming scheme relates to a future model’s segment since we only have one crossover model to base predictions upon.  It would make sense to release a more mainstream product first…but we would have expected that to carry the XT3 badge.

If the model will bow in 2018, it is likely we will see a production debut in the next few months (as early as the Los Angeles auto show this month through the New York auto show in late March/early April).

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The Galleries Are Back!

It’s been quite some time since the image galleries at the Caddy Edge have been available.  Wallpaper quality images of Cadillacs were a popular part of tCE in the early years.  Unfortunately, the scripts used to provide galleries fell out of use and were vulnerable to hackers and the galleries had to come down.

That changes today.  A new menu near the top of the page allows you to access the galleries.  Many are exactly what was on the site before. 

Additionally, more galleries have been created to help fill in the gaps with the concept cars and production models that have been released since.

Notice any galleries we have missed?  Feel free to let us know.