Cadillac announces new slogan

Cadillac, in a effort to reach younger customers and more women, has announced a new slogan and ad campaign.

Under the new tag line of ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit’, and using non-traditional ad locations like video games and urban ads, Cadillac hopes to push their brand message to groups currently unreached by the current ‘Break Through’ campaign.

Personally, I think this new slogan is fairly lifeless and doesn’t get at what Cadillac is or should be – a driving machine on par with the European competition like BMW.

We’ll see soon enough if the ads are better than the slogan suggests.

  • LovEldos

    The new slogan is a big disappointment–after all I’ve read about Modernista ad agency taking over the Cadillac account. It seems to me that you may not even have gotten it correct, when quoting it–subconsciously demonstrating your writing skills! I’ve seen the new slogan written as, “Life. Liberty. And the pursuit.” It can be annoying to anyone who writes in grammatically correct prose (i.e. for the most part). The new slogan glaringly reveals complete sentence fragments, and attempting to begin a sentence with “And…” Is this the best effort for appealing to the most highly educated young generation yet in the history of our nation? Remember, those individuals are big consumers of the new BMW’s, Lexus, Mercedes, Acuras and other luxury automobiles. In my opinion, this appears to be a significant ‘faux pas!’ I have read negative reviews already, comparing the ad campaign to quoting a rap singer and their image. Part of the aura of the Cadillac brand was created by the elaborately descriptive and well-written catalogs of past decades. My recommendation is for Modernista writers to review some of the Cadillac sales brochures of the thirties through seventies, to get a sense of the flavor and elaborate prose contained therein. Try to combine that “special world of Cadillac” image created by those writers with a modern interpretation. This would go a long way towards making Cadillac a highly sought after luxury car. Of course, those same young consumers would have to dare to be different than their friends, and choose to buy a Cadillac, rather than the luxury import “flavor of the month.”

  • Cadillac Man

    I can say for certain that Cadillac IS the best luxury brand right now. They make the world’s fastest luxury sedan (sorry BMW, the new CTS-V smokes you), and better still it is less than half the price of the comparable BMW or Mercedes. Better still is the greater range of options along with more luxury features. So, Cadillac is the Standard of the World.