Cadillac sales down in July

GM sales as a whole are down this past July in comparison to sales during last year’s Employee Pricing promotion.

Here’s how Cadillac sales look:

2006 / 2005
5623 6338
4497 4775
2549 4023
1551 1905
474 1024
1822 2993
2356 4041
252 328

  • blkcadillac

    Look at what cadillac is offering.

    CTS vs. IS, 3 series. The CTS Does even have a tilt/teloscope will and something as simple as an IPod connector.

    Escalade 60k. Very handsome still the best looking SUV. No t/t wheel either and HIGH A** gas.

    STS most handsome in its class. However a horrible intertior does not help. Look inside the E, 5, A6, GS, hell even a Toyota Avalon and you’ll see why nodody is buying STS. The botton on the audio and climate are very cheap compared to its rivals. People are going to waste money the want high quality.

    best looking
    STS, A6 TIE
    E (ALL NEW 382 hp for 2007, STS 6speed but still 320hp)

  • Kevin

    I am really disappointed in the back of the 2007 Escalade. Where is the intimidating cadillac logo. What separates it from the Yukon Denali or Chevy Tahoe. I am driving a 2006 SUV now. If I were to purchase another Escalade it would be the EXT. It still says I am a cadillac.