CTS-V racing report – Laguna Seca

Somewhat late, but here are the results of the last race in this year’s SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT series that took place at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Max Angelelli drove the No. 12 Cadillac CTS- V through the pack after a costly pit stop to finish third.

Andy Pilgrim suffered a third-lap spin in the Corkscrew, yet finished eighth for the day and third in the drivers championship.

Johnny O’Connell was hit from behind on a restart, but managed to take the 12th place.

The manufacturer’s championship went to Porsche with Dodge taking second and Cadillac third (only one point behind Dodge).

Read more details about the race over at:

Motorsport.com: Laguna Seca: Team Cadillac race report

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