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2008 CTSApparently, GM has been blabbing to Automotive News again.

Yesterday, we heard that the Sixteen-inspired ultra sedan was nixed…now we hear through the grapevine further confirmation of something we’ve been talking about for a while over here at the Caddy Edge…additional variants of the CTS.

We practically know that a CTS based coupe will appear a year after the new sedan. It had been a while since we’d heard of any other possible body styles…now Automotive News is reporting that a wagon is also under consideration, something we hadn’t heard in a while.

Additional body styles would each need to have world-wide sales of at least 20000 units a year to make the investment worthwhile (the coupe is a slam dunk for this many sales) which means that the prognosticators at GM will have to determine if a CTS wagon in Europe would sell well enough to bring total sales of the model to the magic number.

Apparently all that is needed is the go-ahead from management as the models are developed and waiting to be added to the mix.

Now, if they’d just add a convertible – they’d really have a complete 3-series competitor.

Expect either or both models to reach showrooms about a year after the sedan’s on-sale date.

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