USA Today recognizes CTS as one of vehicles with ‘most impact’ in the last 25 years

2007 CTSUSA Today is celebrating their 25 anniversary with a list of the 25 cars that had the most impact over the last quarter century.

Of note to us Cadillac fans is #20 – the 2003 CTS.

See the entire list over at:

Winding Road: USA Today Picks Top 25 Vehicles ‘With Impact’ Over Last 25 Years

  • CTSJerry

    This is very good news for Cadillac and of course for those of us who had the foresight to buy a 2003 CTS. In November 2002 there were very few CTSs on the roads here in Los Angeles. We were taking a gamble, but I think we really got a winner! We love our CTS!