Lutz speaks – Sixteen-based production car is off for good

In a blog post over at GM’s official Fastlane blog, Bob Lutz has confirmed that pending CAFE (the law of the land for new vehicle fuel economy) has officially killed chances of a near-term uber-Cadillac sedan like the Sixteen concept.

SixteenThis (as well as consumer demand for higher fuel efficiency) is also a reason behind the recent decision by Cadillac to consider offering a hybrid version of most of their cars and trucks.

I’m sure Cadillac will consider a return to a Sixteen-level car if the Lexus LS600 hybrid flagship sedan is successful. However, they may build it at a slightly lower price point on their upcoming 7-series/S-class competitor that will replace the STS and DTS.

See the video of Lutz talking about concept cars of the past few years and what they plan to do about each at:

GM Fastlane Blog: Bob Lutz Answers FastLane Questions

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