Cadillac and STS take 2nd place in technology survey

Cadillac has done quite well in the 2008 Technology Availability Index, created by Telematics Research Group.

The index measures the availability of 32 different technology features on various cars and bands and then ranks the cars and brands appropriately (the only oddity is that all tech features are worth 1 point each, no matter the significance of the feature).

In the 2008 index, Cadillac rated second only to BMW with 97.62 (vs BMW’s normalized 100 points).

Even more interesting is that the Cadillac STS took the 2nd place for individual models (with 22 points vs the first place BMW 5-series 23 points).

Read all about it:

ExtremeTech: Top Tech Car Brands – BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar

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