Cadillac confirms unified STS/DTS and strongly hints at sub-CTS model

Jim Taylor, Cadillac General Manager, in a recent interview with Automotive News, has confirmed that GM is looking strongly at a few products that have been rumored for some time.

First of all, in response to what they are terming ‘shrinkage’ in the segments occupied by the current STS and DTS, Taylor admitted that “we don’t need two entries there anymore”. This pretty much confirms along with his later confirmation that, in AN’s words “the idea of a flagship sedan for Cadillac is still alive.”

So, expect a 7-series/S-Class competitor from Cadillac in a few years.

Also confirmed was that Cadillac is seriously looking at a sub-CTS model since the brand image of Cadillac is sufficiently strong enough now to survive a 28k+ product slotted below the CTS. This all but confirms previous rumors that a rear-drive ‘alpha’ chassis based sedan is in the works to better compete head-to-head with the 3-series BMW (leaving the CTS to go up-market toward the 5-series that it better matches, size-wise).

I, personally, would be all over a smaller Cadillac with a sportier angle than the current CTS. How about a coupe version as well?

Expect an Alpha-based car to debut early in the next decade (as a 2011-12 model).


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