CTS Wagon rendering

CTSWagonRenderingTCCNow that the UAW has confirmed for us that a CTS wagon is planned (along with a coupe) for 2009 – the folks that make their money on spy photos have decided to show us what a CTS wagon could look like.

Given that no wagon mules have been spotted in testing, they turned to their computers and photoshop to give us the rendering above – spotted at The Car Connection.

The CTS wagon is expected to be more popular in Europe – where wagons are the utility vehicles of choice, this glimpse suggests that the wagon might be fetching enough to turn a few heads and make a few sales on this side of the pond as well.

Expect the wagon to bow as a 2010 model.

The Car Connection:
2009 Cadillac CTS Wagon – Spied!

  • dup’s cadi

    That’s cool.

  • As excited as I’m getting about all the new versions of the CTS.

    However, the CTS has always been a bit big for my tastes.

    I’m really excited to see if we get an Alpha in coupe form…that would be the one for me. Plus, it gives me time to save up. 😉