SLS to be sold in Middle East

The SLS, a stretched version of the STS that was designed for the Chinese market now will have a second market to call home – the Middle East.

In the first quarter of 08, the lengthened version of the STS, with a ritzier interior than we get even in the 2008 STS and built in Shanghai, China will go on sale in several markets of the Middle East (a place where Cadillac is doing quite well already).

Read on for the official press release:DETROIT– Cadillac announced that the SLS, the stretched version of the STS luxury sedan, will become available in the Middle East in the first quarter of 2008. The SLS is based on the STS sedan with additional design and engineering work, as well as manufacturing, taking place at Shanghai GM’s state-of-the art facilities in Shanghai, China.

The SLS went on sale in China in March. The car has helped to boost overall Cadillac sales in China by 128 percent in the first nine months of 2007, compared to the same period in 2006.

“We’re proud to bring the SLS to the Middle East market, where we believe it will be just as successful with luxury car consumers there as it has been in China,” said Cadillac General Manager Jim Taylor.

Based on the STS luxury sedan, the SLS is stretched 100 mm. The additional length results in a luxurious and spacious interior with rear legroom of 1060 mm. The design of the SLS is unmistakably Cadillac. Diamond-faceted contours echo the geometry of other Cadillac vehicles. Subtle V-shapes, inspired by Cadillac’s shield badge, are a recurring motif in both the exterior and interior design. In typical Cadillac fashion, the SLS interior design and fit and finish deliver an outstanding experience from any seat. Ambient lighting, Tuscany leather and sapele pommele wood accents all give the cabin a relaxing and premium look and feel.

Under the hood, the Northstar 4.6 liter V-8 engine produces 320 horsepower, giving the SLS outstanding performance. The six-speed automatic transmission is electronically-controlled. Magnetic Ride Control and StabilTrak, along with a sport suspension, deliver both a refined ride and responsive handling.

  • Khaled Tewfik

    I beg to differ with the statement “a place where Cadillac is doing quite well already.” This could not be far from true, at least here in Saudi Arabia. STS sales are next to none. Months would pass before you would dee a STS on the road. The BLS only exist in the show room. The CTS and SRX (the most selling brands after the Escalade) are far and few in between (you may see one or 2 a day, and not any quite as often). I know, I live there and own ’03 CTS and ’04 SRX, so I am on the look out for fellow Cadillac owners, I do not see many. Now compare that, to Lexus, MB, or BMW, “now you can say doing quite well.” GM is doing an excellent work, the customer service center in Dubai is super, they have helped me again and again. But it is the dealer who is as good as useless. He just sells, but do ZERO advertising, have a lousy shop, lousy working environment, and just down right a cheapo. I wrote Cadillac Middle East urging them to fire him, but he is still there.

    Do not let any one fool you about Cadillac selling great. Like me, the few people who buy Cadillacs now a day are those who just like Cadillacs.

    I really hope the situation would change, but it is grim so far. Cadillac is bringing the SLS here because the DTS did not sell, and they are losing the market big time.


  • Thanks for the information about how Cadillac is doing in your market.

    I’ll see if I can dig up official sales figures for inclusion in any future articles/posts about sales outside the US.

  • From Cadillac directly…

    They normally report sales for the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America as a total. For the year, they are expecting total sales of around 3500 – most of these in the Middle Eastern countries.

    So, depending on your definition – Cadillac is either doing quite well for a relative newcomer or not doing well at all compared to more established competition. This all depends on your point of view.

    Either way, they seem to be in these markets for the long haul and sales should improve as consumers in these countries/regions begin to recognize Cadillac as a strong alternative to the BMW’s and Mercedes of the world.

  • Khaled Tewfik

    I do not know how to consider the statement “newcomer.” Cadillac ahve been in Saudi since Saudi started to import cars, and it used to do much much better in the past.

    But, I do view the Cadillac of 2003 as a brand new company with completly differnet phylosophy and cars, in that sence they are a newcomer. But they haven’t done what it take to sell them selves as the “new Cadillac.” Unlike Lexus “the new comer of the 90s” the whole buying and maintainace experience is largly unchanged, so people still see it as the old Cadillac and refuse to beleive that the quality is any better. So while it is a new comer, it is judged and perceived the same old poor quality Cadillac, but in new skin.

    Do not take me wrong, I have just came back from the Dubai motoshow. I saw the CTS and was taken away, I love it and it will be my new car. The SLS was on display too, but compared to the CTS it looks like old news already. I can’t wait to buy the CTS, it won’t be on sale here til February or later.

    Regards, I love this site, keep the good work