the CaddyEdge Road test of the new CTS – coming soon

GM has graciously allowed the access to one of the new 2008 CTS’ for a road-test.

I’d love to hear areas that you all would like me to focus on during my time with the car – features you’d like to know more about, parts of the car you care about but have never seen any reviews cover, etc.

We will have the car for a few days starting on November 16th. So get your requests in now.

  • bluebaby

    When Sirus and XM merge will the new CTS have a download for the new screen or how is it going to work? I’m waiting before I order my new Caddy.


  • I’ll send a message to my contacts at Cadillac to see if they know.


  • John

    I really like the new CTS and am seriously considering purchasing one in 2009 once the parking brake is electric. I have some fairly “nit picky” questions and gripes that I hope you can address in your review:

    I’d like to get your feedback on iPod (especially iPod Touch) and iPhone integration. Will the iPhone integrate with the dealer-installed bluetooth module and still connect to the audio system? Will bluetooth integration be standard on 2009 models?

    Also, with the keyless ignition option, what happens if both driver 1 and 2 get in the car with their keys in their pockets? Does the driver have to manually push Driver 1 or 2 to recall his settings?

    I was surprised that the car doesn’t have a spare tire but also doesn’t include run flat tires (it has an air compressor and a can of some “fix a flat” in the spare tire well. Can you find out if run flat tires are optional?

    What do you think of the front ground clearance? I expected poor ground clearance in my CTS-V and have gotten used to avoiding steep driveways and parking bumpers, but I was surprised by how low the standard 2008 version is.

    Why doesn’t the trunk open itself completely (ala DTS)? Even if it’s just spring-loaded, it would be nice to have this as an option, if nothing else.

    It sounds like the front door latches are electric. Is that true? If so, what happens if the battery dies? Are you stuck in the car unless you climb out the back doors?

    I’d also like to read your thoughts on the size of the steering wheel vs. the gauge cluster. I recently test drove a 2008 CTS and noticed that my hands cover up the edges of the gauges when holding the steering wheel at “10 and 2” unlike the experience in my current CTS-V where I can see everything clearly while I’m holding the steering wheel.

    How about a comparison of the high-end stereo compared to the Bose 5.1 system in the STS.

  • Loveldos

    Although I’ve already ordered a 2008 CTS, there are several areas of concern I have read on other sites, including the sunshade for the Ultraview Sunroof. When I looked at the car, it appeared fine, of good quality, and I believe, well tested, since it came on the SRX (my opinions). I have also heard concerns about the low front curb clearance, but I am hoping it is more of an optical illusion–appearing much lower (from a distance) than the actual clearance? The last thing I have read is about the Memory Seat system, and when the seat moves automatically, especially in the keyless entry/start models (in generation I CTS the seat moved upon insertion of the key into the ignition). Lastly, I perceived the head restraints to be somewhat lower quality–but that was probably because they are skinnier/smaller than my ’03 CTS, but I have not seen any writers comment on them or their adjustment/comfort. In my generation I CTS, the seats are very comfortable. Enjoy the testing!

  • Thanks for all the suggestions – keep ’em coming.

    I should have the car on the 16th through the weekend with it going back to Cadillac on the 20th…expect the review posts to start that weekend but might not wrap up until the next week (since I’ll be leaving town right after the car goes back and won’t be back until the following Sunday).

  • bluebaby,

    I’m not sure anyone knows yet how the XM/Sirius merger is going to happen, much less how the tech build into cars pre-equipped with one or the other can support the final system.

    I’ll still pose your question to GM/Cadillac – but I figured I could tell you that much already.

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  • dugbug