Motor Trend spies 2009 CTS-V

CTSV MTMotorTrend is reporting on some recent testing Cadillac was spotted doing of the next CTS-V in Colorado.

As we get closer to launch, the camouflage is getting less pronounced and some styling details are beginning to become clear. For instance, it is clear that the signature V-Series mesh grill is present and accounted for. Unusually styled wheels (for a V-Series) may mark either that the production wheels are not ready or a change in what V-Series wheels look like. Be sure to take a look at the recent CTS Sport concept, its bulging hood, and then take a peak at these spy shots – it looks like a very similar hood treatment to me…even if you can’t tell if the vents are present on the V.

MotorTrend is guessing that a detuned version of the new Corvette ZR-1 V-8 will power our beloved CTS-V and push out as much as 580hp.

Expect the production CTS-V to debut in the upcoming autoshow season, perhaps as early as January in Detroit. Spycam – 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

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