Cadillac’s new model names

GM has recently trademarked a series of names in Canada and Europe that appear to give insight into Cadillac’s new model names.

The names are:


Here’s our best guess as to what each represent:

DT7 – large, rear-drive sedan that competes against the BMW 7-series
CT6 – mid-sized coupe that competes with BMW’s 6-series (see the pattern?)
CT5 – currently called the CTS and, with some added features, replacing the current STS
BT3 – Alpha-based sedan similar in size to the BMW 3-series
AT1 – BMW 1-series competitor
DTX – simply, the next Escalade (finally bringing the entire line under one name scheme)
CTX – the new SRX
BTX – the upcoming Theta-based compact crossover

Read’s take on the new names at: Reveal Possible New Cadillac Naming Scheme

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