Consumer Reports ranks CTS ahead of BMW and Mercedes

Consumer Reports has never been considered one of the ‘enthusiast’ press – but their recommendations are respected by a wide cross-section of the car buying public.

That said, they have just given the new CTS their rating of ‘excellent’ placing it ahead of such luxury benchmarks as the BMW 3-series (the 328i in this case) and the Mercedes C-class (C300) in their latest luxury comparison.

The Cadillac CTS now competes toe-to-toe with some of the best German and Japanese sport sedans…There are more safety features and interior amenities in the new model. Fit and finish is greatly improved, and the interior is much more pleasant than in the previous generation. – David Champion, Consumer Reports’ senior director of automotive testing

Way to go, Cadillac.

  • Jim Hufton

    Gee its nice to have my decision to purchase a 2008 CTS validated by so many respected publications!

    But I have the satisfaction of knowing that I found all these great qualities myself when I took the test drive back in early September ;-).

    It’s a great car and I am very happy with it (evn though I would love to trade it in on a new CTS-V later this year if I can find a way to afford it).