CTS Coupe caught testing – center exhaust is a go!

Car and Driver - CTS Coupe Exhaust

Car and Driver (my personal favorite in-print car mag) has caught GM testing the production CTS coupe.

Car and Driver - CTS Coupe SideOf interest, a rear window easily as close to horizontal as the concept, the center mounted exhaust is still there, the body work below the door appears to be spot-on, and the wheels look to be heavily inspired by those on the coupe concept as well.

Differences we can see already are slightly beefier side mirrors, the style of the exhaust goes from over/under to side-by-side, and we should expect the bumper detail beside those exhaust tips to be different than the very concept-y details on the car we saw in Detroit.

Car and Driver - CTS Coupe WheelUnknown is how faithfully they have done the tail light treatment and the overall rakish-ness of the trunk-lid (the disguise makes the production car appear to have a more upright decklid – but that could be part of the disguise.

I, personally, can’t wait to get my hands on one of these – but am awfully afraid I will leave the dealer with one once I do.

Cadillac, make mine 3.6l DI w/ 6-speed manual, in Black Raven or Crystal Red…

See all the spy shots over at:

Car and Driver: 2010 Cadillac CTS Coupe – Spied

  • bluebaby

    Stop teasing us! give us the car and oh by the way DDON’T forget bluetooth! great job GM.


  • You do realize that cars do take a while to test, validate, etc and that this isn’t teasing on the part of GM as much as making sure the car is just right when it comes out, right?

    Bluetooth will be an option on the CTS sedan in the 09 model year – so the 2010 coupe should also have it available.

  • Oh, one more thing you can tell from these pics…the XLR-style door handles (an electronic switch in a flush-to-the-body opening) appear to be making production as well. No unsightly door pulls on the coupe just a slick opening like the concept.


  • Alex M.

    Dream come true!