CTS Coupe spied again…this time in profile/front

AutoBlog.com has spotted the new CTS Coupe undergoing testing. This time we get a view of the side and front end (disguised, of course).

CTS Coupe ProfileOddly, it seems that the rest of the world has just noticed what we saw in the C&D spy shots a few days back…no exterior door handles.

Yeah guys…we noticed that – but thanks for the additional eye candy. Oh, and they also seem to have forgotten that this is how the XLR does things as well (mentioning only the Corvette as a precedent for this layout within GM).

Of course, we would notice these things, wouldn’t we? 😉

Check out Autoblog’s pics and not-so-insightful commentary on the CTS Coupe over at:

AutoBlog.com: Cadillac CTS Coupe Caught with No Door Handles!


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