Refreshed XLR-V spotted

We’ve gone from no idea of an XLR refresh to a quick 1-2 spotting of both the freshened XLR and now the XLR-V.

In this case, is showing a series of shots of a disguised XLR w/ an obvious mesh grill and bulging hood – marking this as the V-Series.

09 XLR-VUnknown at this time (other than the final look of the refresh) is if this will continue to use the supercharged Northstar – which is rumored to go away early in the next decade or if a version of the corporate small-block V-8 will replace it. Given the plethora of options from the Corvette above the 6.2l LS3 (the Z06’s 505hp, 7.0l V-8 and the supercharged smallblock that becomes the LSA in the new CTS-V) we’d guess for a version of the LSA in the new XLR-V.

Expect a coming-out of the new XLR and XLR-V later this year, perhaps as early as the normal 2009 model change-over in July/August.

See the rest of the spy shots over at: Spy Shots – 2009 Cadillac XLR-V

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