CTS Convertible conversion

Coach Builders CTSWe know that Cadillac is working on several versions of the new CTS. The award winning sedan is to be followed by the supercharged CTS-V, the stylish CTS coupe, and we’ve even spied the CTS wagon.

Proving that you just can’t please some people, the folks over at Coach Builders have decided that a 4-door convertible would be nice…and for $19k, they’ll build you one too.

Interestingly, they keep the 4-door sedan body and don’t see a need to add a stiffening roll-hoop to compensate for the missing sheet metal over head.

Personally, I’d wait to see if Cadillac sees fit to build a convertible based on the new CTS coupe.

So, if you just have to have a 4-door, non-GM built CTS convertible…check them out over at:

Coach Builders

  • Chris

    I love the CTS but something just doesn’t look right about that.

  • bluebaby

    maybe because its a 4 door instead of a coupe, someday maybe in the next 10 years we will get a coupe, I know GM said 2010 but be real you believe everything they tell us? like the Volt in 2010 whatever!

  • dugbug

    Cadillac should produce a hardtop autoretractable 4-seater coupe to compete with the 3-series. I like the CTS but want the convertible and am now leaning toward the bmw 328i/335i. Even the volvo c70 looks good.