CTS-V to have more than 550hp?

Recently, GM’s Chevy division has announced that the new ZR-1 Corvette will pack significantly more than the 620hp that was previously tossed around as the expected output. Ultimately, the number has blossomed to 638hp (a 3% increase).

09 CTS VThis 6.2l supercharged V-8 is a hand-built version of the LSA V-8 that will be used in the CTS-V.

The folks over at Edmunds’ Inside Line have speculated that the 3% increase might cascade down to the CTS version as well…leading them to speculate that the 550hp number Cadillac has spoken of in the past to possibly reach as high as 567hp at the V’s launch.

Of course, for enthusiasts like you and I, 550 is nice…and 567 is just icing on cake.

We’ll know more in a few months when the CTS-V engineers are done.

See Edmunds’ speculation at:

Edmunds Inside Line: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V To Make 567 Horsepower

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