Official pic of 2010 CTS Wagon

2010 CTS WagonIn the set of pictures of upcoming GM models, we have already seen the new SRX.

Now, take a gander at the un-disguised beauty that is the CTS Wagon…

Damn sexy for a station wagon.

  • Loveldos

    If the back end has the protruding “V” shape shown in the picture, it will look great! (This from someone who is not much of a “fan” of wagons.) Does anyone know how the rear opens (Just one hatchback?), etc? Also, the picture seems to show dark tinting on the rear side windows behind the rear doors, does anyone know if all the wagons will come with this? Inquiring minds want to know . . .

  • We had some spy shots a while back at that seem to show that it is a standard hatch style opening.

    I do dig the faux fin style in the tail-lights. Cadillac has certainly found a real styling groove lately along with the new coupe.

    Very nice.