Will it never end? V-12 cancelled

I don’t know if this is surprising in the least, but the latest news is that Cadillac has quietly killed their plan to bring out a V-12 engine for their super-sedan.

SixteenGiven that they have already shelved the Northstar’s replacement, are getting V-8 levels of power from normally aspirated V-6’s with direct injection – it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine a dual-turbo DI V-6 putting out V-12 humbling power for the upcoming DTS/STS replacement (once that program gets back into gear).

Personally, I can’t see a downside to lighter, and therefore lighter on their feet, Cadillacs that sip fuel and provide all the power and luxury we’ve come to expect.

Bring it on!

Edmunds Inside Line: IL Insider: Cadillac Shelves the Twelve

  • enzodually

    I like the sound of “shelved” a lot more than “killed”. When conspicuous consumption and opulence comes back in style like it inevitably will I’d like to think that a V12 will be back on Cadillacs drawing board. With biofuels on the way I think people would love to own a V12 powered Cadillac but with out all the guilt of using petroleum.

  • If Cadillac wants to kill V12 due to the rising fuel prices, then what about electric vehicles? They are not gasoline hybrids

  • Jim

    Why would any one fell guilty for driving anything they can afford? I would drive a 2000 H.P. V16 with NO guilt what so ever! Further more if you can get V12 power out of a Twin Turbo V6 why not get some mind binding power out of a Twin Turbo V12? You know as well as I do that they could make a V12 get 30+ MPG and make it burn anything. The earth is not going to die because of what we drive, and cars and getting cleaner and cleaner all the time so again why the guilt?