E-Flex Cadillac due for Detroit

GM is rumored to be planning a E-Flex Cadillac concept (maybe production model) for the Detroit Auto Show in January.

E-Flex, as you may remember is GM’s series hybrid technology that uses electric motors to propel the vehicle at all times with various types of ‘range extenders’ to provider power generation after the batteries are depleated.

This provides short-range all-electric capability with the range of a ‘normal’ fossil fuel powered car for longer trips.

The most famous version of the technology is Chevrolet’s upcoming 2011 Volt small car. The Cadillac version of this technology could take its cues from the Cadillac Provoq concept SUV (itself a preview of the new 2010 SRX). The range extender on the Cadillac version could be gas powered, like that in the Volt, or could see GM stretching by putting a fuel-cell into production instead.

Look for more information in early January.

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