CTS’ Big Brother sedan to be built on Sigma chassis

Lately we’ve been hearing rumors all over the map on GM’s plans to expand/update Cadillac’s lineup.

Initially, we heard that the STS and DTS would go away to be replaced by a sedan based on GM’s global Zeta architecture that also underpins the new Chevrolet Camaro and the Pontiac G8 (obviously with upgrades to match the premium nature of the Cadillac brand).

During the bankruptcy – rumors flew that the Zeta move was off and a future large sedan was going to be built on an upgraded version of the Epsilon II platform that serves as the basis for the new Opel Insignia, Buick Regal (China only), the 2010 Buick LaCrosse, and the 2010 Saab 9-5 and would have come with a powerful V-6 and all-wheel drive. Obviously this would have caused issues with being considered a real competitor to upper-crust sedans from BMW and Mercedes.

Now, post-bankruptcy, we have yet another rumor that should help get things off the ground.

The latest rumor has the new big-brother to the CTS riding on a stretched version of the CTS’ Sigma platform. This, as you might remember, is the platform that was developed exclusively for Cadillac for premium rear-wheel drive cars and crossovers. It has seen duty under the first and second generation CTS, the STS, the Chinese-only SLS, and the first generation SRX. This platform would allow for rear and all-wheel drive, V-6 or V-8 power, and would help Cadillac sustain Cadillac’s exclusive platform that is (after the demise of the STS and SRX) only used by the new CTS.

Our hope is that this platform will see enough upgrading to go toe-to-toe with the BMW 7-series and the Mercedes S-class and allow the next version of the CTS to move into 5-series/E-class territory.

Now, if GM would only get back to developing the Alpha platform for the lower end…we’d be very happy.

Expect the new large sedan to debut in 2011 as a 2012 model.

  • JLM

    I have seen so many rumors in regard to the next full size luxury sedan by Cadillac. It is good to hear something is going on but quite honestly it would great to get more details, such as sale date and is this sedan going to be targeted for the S Class and BMW 7 Series.


  • Tommy

    Is the rumor you speak of from MotorTrend or another source? I want to believe this is true but I have a hard time believing anything in MotorTrend. God I hope its not on Epsilon II. Stretched Sigma would be a dream come true!

  • JLM


    Yes and other discussion forums. I would hope in the new GM Company, Cadillac as a brand will now be focused on enhancing their product portfolio, service levels, marketing, advertising and dealerships refresh and training.


  • GB

    “The latest rumor has the new big-brother to the CTS riding on a stretched version of the CTS’ Sigma platform.”

    There is already a “…big brother to the CTS..” riding on the Sigma platform

    It’s called the STS!

    So, if this is true (and I doubt it. I mean it’s Motor Trend afterall.) it is in reality a “reskinned” STS.

    But, no matter what form the new sedan takes, it needs to get to market and soon.