Finally – what Saffron seats look like

CTSVCoupeSeats smallGM has finally decided to give us an idea what their new Saffron seat trim in the CTS-V Coupe will look like.

This certainly lightens up the all-black theme and helps offset the smaller glass-area of the coupe.

Also, do you like those sporty seats in the CTS-V? We just found out from Dave Caldwell, Cadillac spokesman, that Cadillac is doing a trial run of CTS’s in non-V guise that will be available with the upgraded seats as a test to see if folks that want the sportier seating but can’t swing the whole V-series trim can now have the nice sports seating. As you may remember, Cadillac stated with the standard coupe that the CTS-V seating would be an option. This is the first we’ve heard of the seats now being available in the more sedate CTS versions.


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