Finally – what Saffron seats look like

CTSVCoupeSeats smallGM has finally decided to give us an idea what their new Saffron seat trim in the CTS-V Coupe will look like.

This certainly lightens up the all-black theme and helps offset the smaller glass-area of the coupe.

Also, do you like those sporty seats in the CTS-V? We just found out from Dave Caldwell, Cadillac spokesman, that Cadillac is doing a trial run of CTS’s in non-V guise that will be available with the upgraded seats as a test to see if folks that want the sportier seating but can’t swing the whole V-series trim can now have the nice sports seating. As you may remember, Cadillac stated with the standard coupe that the CTS-V seating would be an option. This is the first we’ve heard of the seats now being available in the more sedate CTS versions.

  • John

    I wish they’d offer the CTS-V sedan’s seats as dealer installed options for the standard CTS sedans, too!

  • jhufton

    I like the Saffron colored seat inserts. They looked very nice on the CTS Coupe Concept that was shown at the Chicago Auto Show several years ago and they look quite nice in the picture above.

    I addition to having the sports seats as an option in the non-V version of the car, I would like them to also make available on the “garden variety” CTS Coupe the MRC suspension as well as the other chasis modifications made to the V version. Not everyone really wants the 556 horse power engine and the fuel bill that come with it. Same applies to the regular CTS Sedan.

    I have a 2008 CTS that has the Y43 (?) Performance Package and I really love the handing of that car. I do believe it would have been even better with the MRC suspension. The 304 horse power DI 6 in my current CTS is more than adequate for my driving style.

  • AMcA

    You know, all they’re doing is adding a little insert. One material. Why can’t that be done in 10 colors?

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