SRX doing quite well with new model

GMInsideNews has some details on how the new SRX is doing vs. the previous model…

Cadillac SRX retail sales were up 218 percent vs. last year, the fifth consecutive month it has gained more than 100 percent year-over-year
SRX gained approximately 15 points of retail share in the Mid-lux SUV crossover segment (Jan. 2009 vs. Jan. 2010)

Very nicely done, Cadillac. It appears that chasing the Lexus RX is working.

Source: GMInsideNews

  • AMcA

    Why, oh why, did it take everyone so darned long to actually compete with the RX? GM and Cadillac are not the only automakers to fail this test. Pretty much everyone ignored the RX for pretty much an entire decade while Lexus built a franchise that’s selling something approaching 100,000 high-margin cars a year. And everyone stood back and let it happen.