Automobile Magazine reviews the XTS design

XTSPlatThere appears to be but one thing wrong with the new XTS that even the most skilled designers couldn’t fix…

The platform is front-drive, leading to a much shorter front than any ‘flagship’ should possess in this segment.

Read the design critique over at:

Automobile Magazine XTS Design Review

  • Loveldos

    Although the XTS needs to get here “yesterday,” Automobile Magazine is unfortunately correct that “proportion, proportion and proportion” are critical. The proven formula, time after time, for luxury cars, is the long hood, short rear deck! Let’s hope more work is done on what is basically an excellent interpretation of what Cadillac needs, to make the XTS more perfect!

  • GM should go ahead and spend the money needed to stretch the XTS wheelbase.
    Go ahead Cadillac, demand GM add 6 inches behind the front wheels and sneak in 2 more in the rear for a voluminous rear seat.
    Yes, sharing the 111 in wheelbase with LaCrosse saves time and money. However even the CTS has a 114 in wheelbase! Another problem- today’s luxury buyers are more savvy/educated than before, they’ll see the short wheelbase as a cheap cost cutting compromise.
    Cadillac can’t afford to do anything that smacks of half-assed expediency.
    GM’s cheap compromises in Cadillac’s cars have cost many sales.
    The new XTS is a chance to create a wonderfully different and well regarded full sized luxuryy car.