Cadillac’s Nesbitt shown the door

Rumors are flying this morning of a management shake-up at GM (again).

After today’s sales call – scheduled for 10a EST – GM is expected to announce several changes in its management structure. Included in this is rumored to be the removal of Bryan Nesbitt as head of Cadillac.

This would possibly signal a weakening of the influence of Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz (who helped champion Nesbitt who worked for him at Chrysler in the late 90’s).

This, the cancellation of the Converj extended range EV, and the showing of a Epsilon II based ‘flagship’ car calls into question the commitment of new GM management to making Cadillac a true leader of the luxury segment vs. a style-driven profit-center.

Stay tuned.

  • Jim H.

    When was the Converj cancelled? The last mention I find in the Caddy Edge archive was the announcement back in January that it was a go.

    It would be a shame for GM to stop paying attention to Lutz as it seems that it was his influence that turned Cadillac (CTS, CTS-V) and Chevy (Camaro) around.

    I remain concerned abou the direction that GM might eventually take under Whitacre. Please, no returning to the days of making generic transportation applicances instead of real automobiles!

  • Sorry, referenced news that I hadn’t posted yet.

    See the next post to see the rumor that GM has canceled the Converj.

  • Kyle Bridges

    Maybe with Nesbitt gone, Cadillac will again consider what this customer wants – a true competitor to the AWD, 6 speed Mercedes C Class, A5 and 335ix. A design guy has no business commenting on powertrain desires of the customer.

    Everytime Cadillac builds anything with AWD, it comes standard with auto. Why force me to buying something else, when I want to drive a CADILLAC with manual 6 speed and AWD? Will the Alpha car offer this combination for a change?

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  • Gary Brint

    Come on Caddy… Quit being a Duck and Hide car company… I bought my last Caddy 2009 XLR last May and even though I love this car I am ready for the Cein to show up with the Northstar V12… Bring it out from under the wraps where it has been hiding for 8 long years… How in the World do the Cheese at Caddy Inc think that the greatest of American automobiles is ever going to compete with the rest of it’s competition unless it one-up’s them… So quit hiding your best stuff… What are you afraid of… You’ve already let the unions make you go broke… Shake it off and show the entire World what Americans can do… We’re depending on you… And no more Chevrolet sheep cars cloaked as Caddy’s… Show us some pride… Show us your teeth… Unless you guys are just so beat down and are prepared to be compared to Gabby Hayes…
    And by the way; that little CTS-v, while it’s alright, it still doesn’t cut it… Show us the Cein… Now….