Converj extended range EV canceled?

Converj ProfileRumors are swirling that GM has axed plans to bring out a Cadillac version of the Chevrolet Volt extended range EV.

Apparently (according to reports) the requirements to make a real Cadillac out of this platform would have cut EV range in half and possibly almost doubled the price of the Volt (expected to have an MSRP in the high 30’s with an effective price right around 30k.

So, the prospects of a 60k compact electric Cadillac coupe with a 20-mile EV range, combined with slow sales of hybrid luxury vehicles in general, caused GM to back off on this project – at least for now.

Expect GM and Cadillac to focus on more cost-effective options, such as traditional two-mode hybrid systems in cars like the new ATS, the next CTS, as well as the production XTS.

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