Check out our 2010 Escalade Platinum Hybrid test car

hybrid badgeWe’ve had the privledge of driving around for the week in Cadillac’s Escalade Hybrid in Platinum trim. This is 86k of rear wheel drive (?!) GMT900-based goodness.

We’re currently seeing about 20-21mpg in mixed driving – not bad given that we aren’t spending that much time in hybrid friendly stop and go. Credit the 2-mode nature of the hybrid powertrain that seems to allow the truck to run in cylinder deactivated V-4 mode much more than might otherwise be the case without battery assist at non-city speeds. Given the V-4 mode seems to be resulting in an indicated 10+ mpg improvement over the same speed, same gear, V-8 mode – it seems to be a worthy result to the cost of giving electric boost.

It is as fun as you might have heard to try to keep in electric only mode for as long as possible in town – though it takes a mighty light foot to do so (which takes a conscious effort).

While we work on the review – feel free to feast your eyes on our tCE Review gallery.


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