Competitive reviews coming soon

UPDATE: The slate of cars at the event has changed somewhat – see additions and deletions below.

I am going to have the pleasure of getting to drive some competing vehicles to Cadillac’s at a press event coming up in just over a week. Driving will include on-road as well as some time on a local road-course racetrack.

Expect some short-takes of cars as varied as:

Audi A3
Audi A4
Audi A6
BMW 335ci coupe performance edition
BMW 750 LI xDrive
Acura TL AWD
Acura ZDX
Chrysler 300c SRT8
Mercedes Benz E350 Convertible
Infiniti M35x
Lexus IS-F
Volvo C70

As well as the CTS-V sedan (which I am also looking to get for a longer-term review as well).

In the mean-time, enjoy our continued reviews of the Escalade Platinum Hybrid and CTS Sport Wagon.

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