CTS Coupe is in the Caddy Edge garage

CTS CoupeWe have a brand new 2011 CTS Coupe on hand for testing.

Any questions you’d like answered? Post them in the comments.

  • Loveldos

    You are lucky to have a CTS Coupe to try out! Are the attractive 19″ wheels offered yet on the CTS-4 Coupes? Please comment on the standard seats–I hope the Recaro seats are offered soon! Does the rearview camera have a grid on the screen to show where the wheels will go? Please comment on the ease of tilting the front seatback, and the seat belt buckles (I know they have changed for the ’10 CTS Sedans compared to my ’08 CTS Sedan). Thanks!

  • 60Seville

    After driving the Cad for a week or so please go test drive a 3-Series coupe with a similar MSRP. Maybe an E350 coupe too if they have a cheap enough one on their lot. Let us know what you think. I know you won’t have enough time in them to make any real conclusions but your observations would be interesting to read. Thanks!