Production ATS? spotted

XTS Spy ShotAutoblog has spotted what they are calling the new XTS sedan undergoing testing. However, with the bobbed rear overhang as well as a decidedly not-front drive front overhang, and a small sedan rear door size – we’re calling this the ATS. Thanks to 60Seville for pointing out the discrepancies.

Some are noting the tail lights are not Cadillac issue – however, most GM prototypes for the last several years typically sport non-brand lights during this stage of testing.


  • 60Seville

    I’m pretty sure that’s actually the ATS. If you look at the dash-to-axle ratio you’ll see that this tester is on a RWD platform. That car is too small to be the XTS as well. You’ll notice that while sitting on that truck’s lift ramp it doesn’t overhang it at all, an XTS would. Also look at how short the rear door looks, how little length there is from the rear door crease to the back of the car, and how big the head rest looks.

  • Those are some great points. I was taking the rest of internet-dom’s take on these photos but something didn’t ring true.

    Now that you’ve pointed out the discrepancies, I think I’m willing to update this post that this is the ATS’ first appearance without CTS bodywork.

    Good catch.