C&D Spy shots of the ATS

Finally, we are starting to see ATS mules running around in their own sheetmetal (rather than the modified CTS bodies spied previously).

Cadillac ATSOf note is a fairly significant upwardly sweeping character line that appears to run from behind the front wheel up and through the rear door on its way to the trunk.

The ATS is Cadillac’s answer to the BMW 3-series (smaller than the CTS that tended to match the 3 for price, but not for size). It is expected to pack a 4-cylinder for base power (though it is likely to be forced-induction) through a 6 in high-line models and a normally aspirated V-8 or pressurized V-6 for the ATS-V.

Body styles will likely include a coupe, convertible, and sedan – a wagon might be offered as well depending on the success of the CTS Sportwagon.

Source: Car and Driver

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