XTS Interior Spied

Autoblog has managed to score more photos of the upcoming XTS sedan.

Of note is a picture through the side glass that shows that the interior is heavily similar to the interior Cadillac showed in their XTS Platinum show car.

XTS InteriorXTS Concept Interior

Differences appear to be mainly in material selection (note the lack of the tortoise shell accents on the steering wheel, for example).

This appears to be in keeping with Cadillac’s interior design theme that started back with the CTS and has continued through the SRX – but also evolves the design language into a larger, more luxurious car.

This should be the first Cadillac to also dispense with the lacking electronics package that the current slate of Cadillacs is carrying – expect this to be a Cadillac flavor of the MyLink system that will debut in the 2012 Chevy Volt and bring similar features and media device/smartphone integration to those Ford has with their MyFord Touch.

Source: Autoblog

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