ATS and XTS “Won’t blow the doors off” – GM CEO


In a quote from GM CEO Dan Akerson, we see a GM management that still doesn’t quite ‘get it’.

Referencing the upcoming XTS and ATS products, he admits they will simply be ‘competitive’ with the rest of the luxury class but won’t ‘blow the doors off’ the competition.

Given the XTS is a variant of the Epsilon II chassis underpinning the Buick Lacrosse – that one comes as no surprise.

However, the vaunted ATS that was supposed to take the battle squarely to the BMW 3-series (but which recently has been rumored to be hundreds of pounds overweight) – is shaping up to be a disappointment on some levels.

The real response here from Akerson should be to delay the products until they can be done correctly – not to set sights simply on increasing volumes and beating Lincoln (a ‘competitor’ in historical terms only).

Come on, GM. Let’s get heads out of backsides and get the new product right.

Source: Automobile Magazine

  • JD

    Actually the quote in Automobile Magazine is that the new ATS and XTS would be “very competitive” in the market place, which does imply some aspiration to fielding a serious product.

    But I do have to agree with the author of this Caddy Edge posting that there seems to be a significant danger of GM slipping back into its old complacent, mediocre ways if we take Dan Akerson’s comments at face value.

    I was worried when Lutz left GM that this might happen. GM needs a strong personality like Lutz to sheppard all the competing voices, keeping everyone focused on the target vision.

    I will be waiting to see what happens between now and the time I replace my 2nd gen CTS. I was hoping Cadillac would be the first brand that I made a second purchase from (up to now that hasn’t happened), but I will be watching closely to see how the next generation models develop.

  • From the first paragraph of the source article: “they’re not going to blow the doors off”

    This is not promising. I’m especially worried that the GM CEO would be thinkng Lincoln is still Cadillac’s primary competitor.

    That thinking will never result in products as good as he should be demanding of the brand.

  • M.G.

    It is sad that the “standard of the world” isn’t. As long as GM is content to have their best Caddy effort “be competitive” they will never achieve pre-eminence in the luxury class. Next we will hear that the bean counters have dictated that the ATS must be nickel and dimed in terms of interior and other features to make sure it comes in under the 3er. Very sad, GM. Either knock yourself out, or decide you are taking on the Camry, not the BMW.