Cadillac XTS MSRP Announced

The Cadillac XTS will go on sale in May with a base MSRP of $44995 including destination charge. While the XTS replaces the outgoing STS and DTS in the lineup, it’s price matches the starting point of the BMW 5 series with room inside similar to the BMW 7 series.

Not that anyone will really cross shop a BMW sports sedan if they are looking for the more traditional front-drive luxury that the Cadillac XTS offers.

XTS Platinum ConceptXTS is based on the same Epsilon II platform as the Buick Lacrosse and will similarly be available in front and all-wheel drive. XTS will also be the first Cadillac with the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) infotainment system.

In order to familiarize dealers and potential customers with the CUE interface, Cadillac will publish an iPad application to the App Store when the XTS goes on sale to simulate the interface and help familiarize customers as well as dealer staff.

Additionally, the XTS will debut Cadillac’s new safety technology suite that features vibrating seats (to notify of not only a hazard but also the direction to the hazard), collision detection, radar-based cruise control, as well as lane departure warning.

The Cadillac XTS debuted as a concept car in 2010 at the Detroit auto show and then as a production model at the Los Angeles auto show in 2011. The XTS will be powered, at launch, by Cadillac’s 3.6l direct-injection V-6 routed through a 6-speed automatic. Manufacture of the Cadillac XTS will begin soon at GM’s Oshawa Assembly Plant in Ontario, Canada.

  • Usedautoarena

    After a long wait this car is finally announced, the cadillac lovers were desperately looking for this info on the web.

  • Thainara

    at that pricepoint i would rehtar have a chrysler 300c awd, better looking, probably better driving, and better looking interior. May not have the same quality material, but in truth, having driven many GM cars, including recent CTS, thats not saying much. in my opinion, GM needs to source their interior materials for cadillac where opel does, bc the buick la crosse and regal interiors look better than the CTS. Personally, I thought the 300c interior was actually better than the CTS. Also, where is the brand cache in driving this. This doesnt compete with the Germans. This competes with nothing short of the MKS, and we all know what a big flop that is. Come on GM, stop taking 5 steps back for every step forward. Hell, hire some germans, maybe then you could really liven up this luxury brand and show the world what you are actually made of. Until then, just another has been.