Cadillac ATS Coupe Rendering

We practically know that Cadillac plans to release other versions of the ATS and it’s Alpha-chassis platform.

Cadillac ATS CoupeBut, what might a coupe competitor to the BMW 4-Series (yes, BMW has decided to rename the 3-Series coupe with a new ‘series’ name) or the Audi A5?
Over at Art and Colour, they have taken the challenge seriously and rendered an ATS Coupe in a very believable fashion.

Where, you might ask, is the exotic styling of the CTS Coupe? Well, in the smaller package size of the ATS, a rakish roofline would mean a back seat that no humans could inhabit. So, we get a more squared off, but still sporty, roofline.

Our favorite detail? Check out how the Cadillac name is etched into the top edge of the grill. This should be something Cadillac shamelessly steals from this concept and puts on all the cars in the line ASAP.

See a complete picture of the render as well as a slightly less sporty version (where the belt-line is kept at the sedan’s location) at the link below:

Source: Art and Colour Cars

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