CT6 Mid-Cycle Refresh Spied

Cadillac’s CT6 has been on the market for a couple of years now.  In the interim, the Escala Concept has previewed a new styling direction.  Combine these facts and a refreshed CT6 that has some Escala styling cues is no real surprise.  The good folks over at Burlapcar.com have spied a new version of the CT6 that borrows lighting and grill styling influenced by the brand’s new direction.

We are likely a year or more from the updated car, and possibly more time from the first product that really brings Escala styling fully into production.  But, for now, it appears Cadillac is staying the course with the themes they have shown off.

Though, it is curious that we haven’t yet seen a model in testing that really brings the look to fruition.  Perhaps we won’t see the styling in-full until one of the new crossovers break cover.

Source: Burlapcar.com

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