January Sales Growth – China Market Exceeds US

Cadillac has released their January 2017 sales numbers and a surprising shift in sales is apparent.

As in the 2016 numbers we recently discussed, US sales are down yet again.  However, China sales are up a whopping 116%.  This leaves the US with just over 10,000 sales in January which pales in comparison to China’s 18,000 sales.  So, while 2016 had China at 68% of US sales volume, we could be witnessing the US becoming Cadillac’s second largest market.

In other news, this represents Cadillac sales, globally, being up 44.2% – almost exclusively due to this Chinese market growth.  This is the 8th consecutive month of double-digit sales increases.

Again, increased sales, no matter where in the world, will help Cadillac fund its moves to grow into new segments and make even better products in the years to come.

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